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How to get your Social Security Disability
benefits as quickly as possible...

You've worked hard all your life and paid into Social Security with every paycheck.

Now you're ill or have been injured, you can't work and you need your benefits. The problem is that 60% to 70% of all Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are denied, even when applicants are legitimately entitled to receive compensation. Every New York Social Security Disability lawyer sees this happen on a daily basis.

Worse yet, it can take up to two years, or even longer, to go through the entire process of appealing and winning your case. The financial devastation that results from having no money coming in is more than most people can handle, especially in this economy. Many lose their life's savings, have to ask relatives for help or go on public assistance.

All this trouble stems from the difficulty in getting the benefits you deserve in enough time. That's why you want an SSDI attorney's professional representation for your case.

Stephen Jackel is an experienced and successful Social Security Disability lawyer. He has a proven track record of helping clients get the financial support they're entitled to, and can assist you in getting the benefits you're due to receive.

This is what a grateful client said recently, after Stephen won Social Security Disability benefits for him:

"...We won! I just got the letter notifying me that I will be receiving my social security disability benefits...I just wanted to express my gratitude for meeting you and having you as my lawyer. I really appreciate all you efforts on my behalf. I felt as if I was your only client. All my calls were returned promptly and you had so much patience with all of my questions and concerns...congratulations on a job well done."
Julian D.

The Law Office of Stephen M. Jackel has published a brand new, free Special Report on getting your benefits just as fast as you can. In it, you'll learn all about what it takes to qualify for them and to navigate Social Security's system successfully. Simply click here to download it.

Qualify more quickly by dodging the pitfalls
that cause delay or denial of your benefits.

Representation by an experienced SSDI attorney gives you powerful advantages in winning your case. You also get protection against errors that can prolong obtaining your disability benefits, and even result in refusal. Here's what you can expect to receive from Stephen Jackel:

  • a clear explanation of Social Security Disability rules and regulations, including the most recent developments in the law, so that you fully understand your rights
  • proper coordination and presentation of all your medical evidence, including specially developed questionnaires sent to your doctors that validate your disability, and help qualify you for benefits
  • rapid completion and filing of all essential documents to win your compensation, assuring you that nothing important is overlooked or missed that could cause unnecessary delays or denial
  • successful handling of mental illness and impairment claims, which present some of the most formidable obstacles to being awarded disability benefits
  • drafting special documentation such as a "dire need" letter if your circumstances require it, which can speed up the process of qualification, and correspondence to stop harassing bill collectors
  • a persuasively written "theory of the case" letter, required by some Administrative Law Judges to give a concise explanation of the essential facts of disability
  • thorough, personalized one-on-one preparation for your hearing, so that you know what to expect and are ready to respond appropriately to the judge's questions
  • diligent tracking and notification of developments in your case, keeping you abreast of any changes and information crucial to gaining your benefits, and protecting you against possible misinformation from Social Security personnel
  • appealing all the way through Federal District Court if there's a basis to do so, maximizing your opportunity to be awarded disability benefits, which not all SSDI lawyers will do for you
  • prompt, personal response to all your phone calls from Stephen himself - you'll feel comfortable knowing you have complete legal support throughout the entire process

Here's a case that clearly illustrates the importance of having professional representation on your Social Security Disability case:

Stephen won substantial benefits for a man who worked as a clerk at a law firm. After the World Trade Center attack, he'd volunteered to help by driving debris out to the Staten Island landfill. Unfortunately, being exposed to the trauma of viewing body parts triggered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Additionally, the client developed breathing difficulties from working at the WTC site. As with many cases involving mental illness or impairment, this man was initially denied benefits.

When Stephen was retained, he thoroughly reviewed the entire file. He quickly compiled a complete treatment record from the client's doctors, and had them complete special questionnaires that proved his disability. With all of this new medical evidence in hand, Stephen was able to deliver a convincing argument at the client's hearing. The Administrative Law Judge was persuaded to render a favorable decision, awarding the client a lump sum payment of over $20,000 and ongoing monthly disability benefits.

Call attorney Stephen Jackel today to learn more about getting the disability benefits you deserve. The consultation is FREE, and you may be surprised to discover rights you didn't even know were available to you. All cases are handled on a contingency basis, and there's no fee unless Stephen wins money for you. You can reach him at 212-393-1300.

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