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About Stephen M. Jackel

One day someone is leading a normal life, going to work, spending time with family and friends, and doing the things that bring enjoyment and satisfaction.

Then tragedy strikes.

The person is seriously injured on the job. Or at an annual checkup, the physician finds something, and the news isn’t good. Maybe it’s a devastating sickness, perhaps requiring an operation or medicine with debilitating side effects. Many times it’s an emotional illness, like a black depression that descends out of nowhere, stopping the victim cold.

Now it’s impossible to work, and it looks like it will be a long time before the individual is strong enough to go back to a job once again … if ever. What happens next?

Fighting Hard On Your Behalf

This is where attorney Stephen Jackel steps in, and these are the people he helps. He fights the battles they’re unable to wage effectively themselves and achieves results most feel they could never accomplish on their own.

“I really feel for these people,” he says. “Often without representation they can’t get benefits, and their lives rapidly deteriorate in a terrible way. When I can be an aggressive advocate and turn their situations around by getting the financial support they’re entitled to, it’s very gratifying.”

Diligence is the cornerstone of Stephen’s approach to producing victories for the disabled. “Thoroughness in every phase of a case is the key to an excellent outcome,” according to Jackel. With a noteworthy success rate of getting benefits for clients over 88 percent of the time, his track record speaks for itself over the past 20 years as a New York Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) lawyer.

Here’s a good example of how he rescues clients repeatedly from the painful fate that a lack of income can inflict. Stephen represented a woman with myasthenia gravis, a grim medical condition causing fatigue, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing and incapacitating weakness. With serious disorders, time is of the essence as far as benefits are concerned. He quickly obtained all the medical records from the client’s neurologist and had the doctor complete a specially designed questionnaire that conclusively proved her disability.

Armed with this evidence, Stephen made an impassioned argument to the administrative law judge at her hearing, winning $16,000 in back benefits, as well as the ongoing financial support she needs as the dreaded disease progresses.

The Commitment, Experience And Skill You Need To Win

In fact, Stephen is a former administrative law judge himself. He worked at two New York City agencies and ultimately became responsible for training judges. It’s one of the reasons he’s able to make such persuasive arguments before them.

Always looking for ways to provide the best possible service, Stephen recently published a unique special report to give clients a quick, comprehensive understanding of the entire process of qualifying for disability benefits. “How To Win Your Social Security Disability Or SSI Case” explains 25 of the most critical case-winning strategies, in a fast-reading, easily understood fashion.

This is one attorney who extends the same compassionate concern with which he represents clients to the New York community at large. He is a strong believer in every lawyer’s obligation to help those in need. As a board member of the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, he volunteers his time to an organization that coordinates services for people who desperately need help with legal problems, but cannot afford it.

Additionally, he assists with raising money for the Children’s Education Foundation – Vietnam, which pays for schooling and medical care for impoverished children in Vietnam.

Stephen, who has been in practice for over 40 years, earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School after attending the University of Rochester in New York. He also earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and worked as a full-time journalist.

Stephen is a long-time cycling aficionado. Consistent with the leadership ability he’s displayed in his professional endeavors, he’s been the president, treasurer and leadership training coordinator for the Five Borough Bicycle Club. He’s also a voracious reader, and when he’s not protecting clients or others who are grateful for his help, you’ll probably find him with a good book.

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