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Getting The SSI Benefits You Deserve

If you’re disabled, can’t work and meet certain financial criteria, you can qualify for Supplemental Security Income. SSI gives you greater income than most other public assistance programs. Hiring a New York SSI lawyer will help you achieve eligibility for these disability benefits as quickly as possible.

Here’s the best news of all: Legal representation doesn’t cost you anything unless your attorney obtains SSI benefits for you. You’ll have a much better opportunity to win these disability benefits with professional legal assistance than trying to go it alone.

New York SSI attorney Stephen Jackel has a proven track record in winning Supplemental Security Income benefits for clients. As a respected and experienced SSI lawyer, he can help you secure the financial support you’re entitled to, as he’s done for so many others.

Here’s a recent comment from a happy client, who’s thrilled to receive the SSI benefits Stephen won for him, even though his was a difficult case:

“I suffer from depression and anxiety so much that I refuse to go outside unless I have an appointment … Mr. Jackel has been a tremendous help with my case and especially with any uncertainty that I had … I really appreciate Mr. Jackel’s expertise in the matter as a lawyer …Thanks a lot, Mr. Jackel …”

-Richard V.

You can learn all about how to qualify for New York SSI disability benefits in an informative special report published by the Law Office of Stephen M. Jackel. It’s entirely free and explains the whole process in a clear, easily understandable manner. All you need to do is click to download it:

Why Clients Have Confidence In Lawyer Stephen Jackel

Winning SSI benefits can be a challenge even with an excellent case. Did you know that 60 to 70 percent of all SSI claims are denied by Social Security? Many people give up in frustration after they’ve been refused. Yet in many such instances, an applicant can win if an experienced New York SSI lawyer pursues the case. Stephen Jackel has proved it many times.

The key to winning is a properly prepared case. Stephen will represent you aggressively and remove numerous obstacles on the road to qualification, which many claimants unfortunately trip over. These almost invariably result in delays or denial.

Here’s what Stephen will do for you:

  • Clearly explain the law to you and carefully evaluate your opportunity to win SSI disability benefits
  • Pull together all your doctors’ records and compile a medical evidence file that proves your disability, including having your physicians complete special questionnaires that document your condition and inability to work
  • File the necessary papers for you with Social Security, protecting you against common errors that can cause long delays or result in you being refused compensation altogether
  • Deal effectively with presenting sensitive aspects of your case that can give it a higher risk of denial, including emotional illness, mental impairments, substance abuse or a criminal record
  • Draft a “dire need” letter if your situation is particularly serious such as being unable to pay for necessary medications or facing eviction or similar dangers — this can help you get a faster hearing and significantly reduce the time it takes to get money coming in
  • Write a convincing “theory of the case” letter for you, which some administrative law judges require to get an overview of your circumstances
  • Provide complete one-on-one preparation for your hearing — you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to respond effectively when the judge asks you questions
  • Keep you posted on the status of your case
  • Promptly and personally respond to all your phone calls himself — you’ll never feel alone and you’ll always have legal support throughout the process

Stephen Jackel Takes On The Tough SSI Cases And Wins

Here is an example of the kinds of challenges many SSI cases pose. The client endured heartbreaking circumstances as a child, which later severely affected her as an adult. Stephen won substantial SSI compensation for her, even though she was first denied:

The client was a young woman in her early 20s. She was shuttled between foster homes as a child and had a long history of physical and emotional abuse. The result was that she suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and depression. In addition, she was a “cutter,” inflicting mutilating injuries on herself, and she had attempted suicide several times.

When she hired Stephen, she was attending college part time and on public assistance. She couldn’t handle the stress of juggling college and a job. Her mental illness made her emotionally fragile and unable to get along with co-workers so she couldn’t work. Although she was refused benefits at first, Stephen still won her case by enlisting the help of supportive doctors. He had the physicians complete special questionnaires that proved her disability and made a compelling argument at her hearing.

He got her back benefits totaling over $10,000 and ongoing monthly SSI benefits as well. The happy result was that she now had the funds to continue attending school and financial support for her day-to-day needs.

Disabled Children Are Eligible For SSI Disability Benefits, Too

Not all New York SSI attorneys handle children’s cases because they’re difficult to prove, but Stephen Jackel does. Here’s a case in which he made a major difference in the financial circumstances of a family with an extremely disturbed child:

The anxious parents of a 12-year-old boy with “oppositional behavior” consulted Stephen. He had a background of rebelling against any authority figure, was violent, and had serious emotional problems and a learning disability. He was disruptive in the classroom and required medication. Stephen put together a solid case, combining extensive reports from the school with convincing medical evidence. The grateful mother and father were awarded $8,000 in back benefits and continuing monthly support on behalf of their son.

This is what a grateful family member of a client said about Stephen:

“Many thanks for all of your assistance in filing the necessary paperwork to secure services for my developmentally disabled sister. I appreciate your conscientious follow-up as well as your extensive knowledge of the legal system revolving around such cases.” — Carol L.

Get what you’re entitled to. Take the steps necessary to fight for and protect your rights for a much better quality of life.

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